I have always been creative in one way or another. 

As a child I was interested in story writing and poetry, and from there it was a natural progression into more tangible forms - sculpture, puppetry, painting and more recently Illustration. 


As I progress further into the Illustration field I become more interested in seeing my drawings come to life in an endless number of ways, and I'm always exploring and challenging my ability to do that. Sometimes it involves learning an entirely new set of skills and knowledge.  
I am a traditional artist. I prefer to use hand drawn methods - coloured pencil, and various painting techniques are my preferred way of creating. However, I also often enhance my work using paper cutting, sculpting and digital methods, which gives it the freedom to leave the page and become something else. 

My work is narrative in style and very often interlaced with nature and the exploration of our human nature.

A sense of play and the desire to create something beautiful to add to the world is almost always the goal. I am interested in capturing that child like imaginative quality that has the ability to transport all of us to another time and place. 



Lilac Breasted Roller
Rainforest Scene
Yellow and Blue Parrot_Painting.png
Hummingbird and Magnolia
Girls Dancing
Orange Tree
Bears Doing Business
Grasshopper with dots.png
Boy Seated
Foxes in leaves
Pink and green grasshopper
Wound up.jpg
Paint your own sky_Megan Campbell Illust

Moving Images

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